England Day 2: Blenheim Palace

England Day 2: Blenheim Palace

Our second day in England, we woke up, gave peanut a bottle and got some snuggles in. Jasmin’s pull out couch was actually really comfortable, and we slept well. After breakfast, we headed out to Blenheim Palace. It is, I believe, the only non royal palace in England. The land was gifted to the Duke of Marlborough and both Princess … Continue Reading →

Work Baby Shower redux

I just found some photos of my work baby shower, which was awesome and Beatles themed, and so thoughtfully done. For some reason, I downloaded the pics taken and then managed to never look at them. I guess I got busy! But the pics turned out so nice, I wanted to post them! I think they were all taken by … Continue Reading →

What I Was Up To – October 2018

Moving on to October, we started out the month by going to Ron’s promotion to Lt Col in the Marine Corps. Something a long time coming, but he does such good work for the Corps, and I’m so glad they recognized him for the awesome Marine he is. The ceremony was at the Marine Corps Museum: I tried to livestream … Continue Reading →

2018 Costume Year in Review

Well, I set myself a very short list for 2018 and I accomplished none of it. I’m not sure I’m so much in a slump anymore as much as just not having time. Working full-time and having a baby is time-consuming (I mean, I don’t even have naps to use for sewing since I’m at work). If I made it … Continue Reading →

England Day 1: Cowper Newton Museum Garden

On our first day in the UK, we were taking it easy. Since the Cowper Newton Museum was literally right across the street from the pancake parlour in which we were eating breakfast, it seemed like a good idea to check it out. This museum is dedicated to two famous locals – William Cowper, a Georgian poet, and John Newton … Continue Reading →

England, Day 1: flying plus Olney

We decided to go to England in late August/early September for a couple of reasons. We wanted to visit Jasmin (a former intern and friend of mine, who my daughter is partially named after) – and we wanted to go before the rainy seasons, but after the tourist season. And also I’ve long, long, wanted to go to England. It’s … Continue Reading →

Summer Shoot at the Portrait Gallery, part 5 – Outtakes by In the Long Run Designs

Summer Shoot at the Portrait Gallery, part 5 – Outtakes by In the Long Run Designs

So, as I posted recently, we did a summer shoot at the Portrait Gallery in August. These are a few misc photos shot my Mike from In the Long Run Designs. They are sort of fun because they show some of the behind-the-scenes! Yeah, I’m on my phone. In my defense my husband and baby were at the Natural History … Continue Reading →

What I Was Up To – September 2018

Moving on to September, I feel like we’re dangerously close to actually catching up! Freshly back from our trip to England, we had Stephanie babysit for us, while Doug and I checked out First Aid Kit (prob my fav band right now) at the Anthem, a newish venue in DC. It’s totally hipster (you can get lattes) and I am … Continue Reading →

Florida video wrap-up

I strung together a bunch of the little snippets of video we took of Elena in Florida this summer, so if you want to know what it looks like for a phone, when a baby tries to eat it, or want to see Elena playing peek-a-boo, trying to crawl, or eating a nectarine, this is for you!

Animal Kingdom – June 2018

We had one last day of vacation, so we did a day of Disney, and picked Animal Kingdom, partly so we’d have more time to explore Pandora. Also partly because it’s the most shaded park. And thirdly because I manage to snag fast passes for the boat ride, not something we wanted to wait on a line for. I enjoyed … Continue Reading →

New Smyrna Beach – June 2018 – part 7

Getting near the end of our trip. Another day, another new swimsuit, since I was unable to control myself at Target. Another nap on mama too. Time for lunch and a dry swimsuit! Those thighs! Always a lady! Time to play in the sand! After her nap – we found her sitting! This was the first time she sat up … Continue Reading →

New Smyrna Beach – June 2018 – part 6

Day 6! Up for another morning walk – another day, another hat! Doug hung out with Elena at the condo while I went to the stores on Flagler Beach for coffee and shopping with my sisters-in-law and nieces. The nieces: Doug kept me updated while I was out! I saw this turtle on a box in one of the gift … Continue Reading →