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New Smyrna Beach – June 2019 – Day 3

Here’s Day Three in New Smyrna Beach! Our sleeping girl. I like that she often sleeps like this! Eager to get outside! Also, this bathing suit is easily one of my favs. We went out for a morning walk: And picked up some shells: Time for breakfast! This little hassock that was in the condo was perfectly sized for her! … Continue Reading →

New Smyrna Beach - June 2019 - Day 2

New Smyrna Beach – June 2019 – Day 2

Back to the beach! Or first full day, Sunday, had us getting dressed and heading to Mon Delice, the French bakery, for breakfast sandwiches (sausage, egg, and cheese on brioche) and coffee. A New Smyrna Beach tradition! Well, first stop was to run the beach stuff down to one of the tables by the pool. I can’t believe my baby … Continue Reading →

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New Smyrna Beach – June 2019 – Day 1

In June we had our annual family beach vacation in New Smyrna Beach. These beach posts are going to be heavy on baby pics. #warning #sorrynotsorry Our flight down was easy (and not horribly delayed, thankfully). Elena had a bottle and watched Coco (on silent) on the iPad. We stayed at this really cool B&B in Titusville called Casa Coquina … Continue Reading →

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Celestial Ball

Next up, we are into May! Thanks to Janine and Ron babysitting for us, we were able to attend the Celestial Ball at Gadsbys Tavern. I was just a tad slow to realize that the ball was on… May the 4th. Also known as Star Wars Day. Get it? Celestial Ball? Anyhoo, once I realized, I sprang into action. I … Continue Reading →

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Fort Fred/baby fashion post

This post is about our quick little trip over to Fort Fred with Elena. I didn’t bother with a costume this year but we both enjoy the 18th century market fair and we thought Elena would enjoy running around. She was a baby last year. The weather was cool and pleasant. We’d had some rain so the grass was a … Continue Reading →

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AwesomeCon 2019

I only went to AwesomeCon for one day, but I had a great time. I got to hang out with Mike and Gloria and do a photoshoot with them, and I got some quality time in with Janine at the Princess Awesome booth, since she was helping boothsit for them, and I was happy just to hang out. Plus my … Continue Reading →

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Cherry Blossoms and Kite Festival (March 30, 2019)

Seeing the cherry blossoms in DC is always a crap shoot weather-wise. We’ve had years when we’ve had to bundle up because it was so cold (last year) and other years when it’s been really pleasant. Fortunately this year, it was beautiful. Unfortunately, peak blossom and the beautiful weather hit on a Saturday, which meant everyone would be there. But … Continue Reading →

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What I Was Up To – May 2019

I saw Astronaut Ricky Arnold talk at work. I got a perfect Shinx from a raid. Not shiny of course. Chocolates from the lady who sells them at work: Willow sacked out on Doug’s raincoat: I also bought Mother’s Day chocolates from the chocolate lady at work: I neglected to get a photo of the insides. Joe with Detective Pikachu. … Continue Reading →

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What I was up to – April 2019

Let’s catch up on April! Yes, I know I’m like 7 months behind. In early April, Conley came down for the cherry blossom 10 miler, and coincidentally Betsy was in town, so we got together with them and Janine and Ron at National Harbor, and had a big Nandos feast. We even got a really pleasant outdoor table! After dinner, … Continue Reading →

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Elena at 17 months

Stephanie babysat Elena for us and said to bring a dress or something to wear because she wanted to try to do a photoshoot. And then she sent us these amazing photos. I think they are some of my all-time favs of Elena. Here’s my 3 favs, the rest are in an album here: Also, this was the dress … Continue Reading →

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On to Easter! It dawned on me that the whole Easter bunny/egg hunt thing was something we could now participate in and the thought made me really happy. I gotta say, though, having now experience the Easter bunny as an adult with a kid, that it’s… just a little weird. Elena didn’t seem too keen on the whole thing either. … Continue Reading →

Salem/Costume Con Days 2 and 3

Salem/Costume Con Days 2 and 3

Back to CostumeCon! I already posted about Gloria and I and our Friday sightseeing in Salem. After our day, we headed back to the hotel to get dressed up to go to the social. I brought my Anovos Trek dress because it was easy to pack and wear. Meanwhile back at home, Doug and the munchkin were grocery shopping: With … Continue Reading →