Maine Day 2: Acadia National Park (September)

Maine Day 2: Acadia National Park (September)

On our 2nd day in Maine (and our only full day), we woke up to this: Yep, Hurricane Dorian had tracked up the coast and was raining on Maine. Sigh. We had breakfast at the hotel and the women behind us (some of whom had been at S’mores the previous night) were all artists and were painting at breakfast. Sigh. … Continue Reading →

Maine Day 1 (September)

Maine Day 1 (September)

Since we have an elderly cat who can’t be left very long, and since I didn’t have much vacation to spend, we brainstormed on places we could go for a long weekend, that might be interesting. We decided upon Maine, since neither of us had managed to go there yet and we’ve (of course) heard good things. And since we … Continue Reading →

National Zoo (September)

National Zoo (September)

On Sept 1, we decided to check out the National Zoo. I’m pretty sure I have been there before, but it was a very long time ago. The National Zoo is free, and basically situated on a big hill. Parking was tough and of course, we didn’t think to check out what the situation was. Fortunately, we found street parking … Continue Reading →

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ARTECHOUSE: Infinite Space

ARTECHOUSE did a show called “Infinite Space” and since it was space related, my co-workers had an outing to go see it after a work meeting in DC in July. ARTECHOUSE has giant screens and a mirror floor as well as some other spaces, and has some interesting light and sound installations, often created by processing some sort of data. … Continue Reading →

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18th century fair (July)

At the end of July, I met up with Rebecca and her family. She had bought me something at the Jane Austen festival so this was a good excuse to get together! The historical society in Baltimore was having an 18th century market/demo event, so we met first for breakfast and then checked out the market. It was way too … Continue Reading →

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Apollo 50th (July)

One of the coolest things we did this summer (and I’m so glad we made the effort) was to check out the Apollo 50th projection show on the Washington Monument. Katie and her family happened to be in town, and were doing Boy Scout/Family stuff part of the time, so they were already in DC, and we met them there … Continue Reading →

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ELO Concert (July)

In July, Doug and I went to go see ELO in concert in DC – I was really excited to see Jeff Lynne’s ELO since I love ELO’s music. And he’s also a Wilbury. AND George Harrison’s son Dhani was opening for ELO. I enjoyed the show? But I wasn’t wowed like I expected to be. I had one friend … Continue Reading →

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Birthday trip to Natural History (June)

For my birthday in June, we headed into DC to check out the newly opened dinosaur exhibit at Natural History, as well as the butterfly tent. I’m sure we did lunch somewhere too, but if we did, I didn’t take photos! A few people had butterflies land on them! This particular T-rex is a real skeleton recently acquired by the … Continue Reading →

A visit to Long Island (May/June 2019)

A visit to Long Island (May/June 2019)

I’m a little out of order here (I know it doesn’t matter at all to anyone who might actually read this), but in late May/early June, we visited our friends John and Beth on Long Island. John is a former work friend of mine, who used to be in the office next door to me, and we used to have … Continue Reading →

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Carolyn’s Goodbye Party (June 2019)

In June, Carolyn had one last costume party at the beautiful Capitol Hill house they had been renting for the last few years. We were very sorry to see Carolyn go, it was so nice having her in DC! I was going to be a little late to the party, so I wanted something quick and easy to change into … Continue Reading →

June Florida Vacay - last day, Disney!

June Florida Vacay – last day, Disney!

After a big holiday break and a lot of intensive work at home in the evenings feverishly uploading pics to Flickr (and praying they don’t go away), it’s time to try to catch up with some blogs again! At this point, I am like 7 months behind. yay. So last I posted, I was enjoying going through our lovely Florida … Continue Reading →

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New Smyrna Beach – Day 7 – June 2019

On our last day on New Smyrna Beach, my sisters-in-law and nieces and two nephews did our now traditional shopping trip on Flagler Ave. We started out with coffee at Beachie Beans! Random pics from stores. We got back in time for lunch, and check out the adorable maxi dress on Elena! After Elena’s nap, we joined the family out … Continue Reading →