What I’ve Been Up to – November

Sorry to be Posty McPosts-a-lot but I have been so busy and I’ve got a little break now, so I want to get things updated before the New Year. We’ll see if that happens. Ok, so November. Here’s my fav tree from a different angle than I normally catch it at: Doug and I spent an afternoon playing D&D with … Continue Reading →

What I’ve Been Up to – October, part 3

Here’s the last of October! Then I can move on to November! More pics of Halloween House: That’s one big leaf: JWST pics – here’s our spare secondary mirror on the test mirror booms: The test backplane and booms: Roof selfie! Doug and I went up on the roof to watch the Antares launch – which it didn’t because of … Continue Reading →

DC and the Marine Corps Marathon

Our friend Meredith was running in the Marine Corps Marathon so Doug and I went down to cheer for her! It turned out to be a gorgeous day. In November. There she is still smiling! Smithsonian Castle: This guy cheering was doing a frighteningly good Will Ferrell in the “Needs More Cowbell” sketch:

What I’ve Been Up to – October, part 2

Sooooo… I basically haven’t had time to post since early-mid October. So here’s some pictures and stuff. Remember when there were pretty flowers and it wasn’t winter? Kitty! Mmm…coffee! Doug made these awesome maps from our summer team project, where we walked to Mordor as a group! The dots are the mileage for each day – and we each got … Continue Reading →

Regency Pumpkin Tea

More November catch-up – my Mom and I went to Stephanie’s regency pumpkin tea and had a lovely time! Wearing my new Robert Land shoes with American Duchess stockings, and a vintage petticoat I bought a while ago – glad I had it, it was cold! Judy displays a shocking amount of leg! Jessica: Gloria’s photo: Gloria’s photo: Gloria’s awesome … Continue Reading →

Winterthur extent clothes and things!

Winterthur also had some lovely extent clothes and other embroidered pieces on display. This was a set of 18th century pockets which were *huge*. My hand is in one of the pics for scale. These are pieces that were once the border of an embroidered petticoat – I want one! This bag had slits on the side, just like a … Continue Reading →

Downton exhibit

I was lucky enough to get to go to the Downton Abbey exhibit at Winterthur again back in November – round 2 of exhibit pics here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/maggie42/sets/72157649439839595/ Round 1 of pics from May was here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/maggie42/sets/72157645030253726/

Winterthur Grounds

So the day after Vanessa’s dinner, some of us met up at Winterthur to see the Downton exhibit again and wander the grounds. I didn’t really have anything to wear in cold weather in the right period, nor do my knees do well with a lot of walking in heels or costume shoes, I opted for muggle clothes. Beth, on … Continue Reading →

So this happened last night…

So here’s a thing that happened last night! I totally sang with Guster. You know, no big – just one of my favorite bands and one of my fav songs, in front of like 200 people in DC. (Also the whole show was super fun and awesome all around!) Apologies for what is essentially a FB repost, but it was … Continue Reading →

Greensboro Adventure, part 2 – Paul McCartney

So when I last posted, we were going to try to surprise Janine with Katie’s appearance at the Paul McCartney concert. Despite the fact that there were multiple pay lots near the Colliseum, somehow we ended up in the same lot. We hid Katie behind everyone else, and Janine walked towards us apparently thinking “why are they all just standing … Continue Reading →

Greensboro Adventure, part 1

So Paul McCartney added a concert to his tour in Greensboro, NC and Janine and I decided to get tickets. Doug was kind of apathetic about the concert, so right away, Katie and I started scheming to try to work it out so that Katie could come in his place – and we would surprise Janine. Because of the complication … Continue Reading →

First Aid Kit

We were lucky enough to get a second chance to see First Aid Kit recently in DC. They played at Lisner Auditorium at GW University in DC. I was able to snag 4th row seats so we had a pretty good view, though not as close as we were for the 9:30 Club. A lot less standing, which was good … Continue Reading →