DragonCon 2013

So as you might know, I wasn’t particularly looking forward to DragonCon this year, just because it felt like work. I did end up having a good time, of course, but I think it was partly because I revised my expectations. And it wasn’t all great. But it was wonderful seeing so many friends and there were a lot of … Continue Reading →

What I’ve been up to… August

So Willow doesn’t normally react to the TV, but she was very taken with this show on Leopards. Weird looking moth:

Jane Austen Ball

  • By M@ggie
  • August 11, 2013
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I went to the Jane Austen ball at Gadsbys Tavern in Alexandria, VA with some friends last night. It was SO fun!  I decided not to make something new, but get another wearing out of my open robe and sari gown, since I really like it but have only worn it once.  I finally did regency hair I’m happy with, … Continue Reading →

What I’ve been up to… July/August (lots of butterflies and corpse flower pics)

So when we last left off, the corpse flower at the Botanic Gardens in DC had not quite bloomed yet. The corpse flower, if you recall, blooms infrequently for a very short time, and smells like rotting meat for the first 12 hours or so. It’s also like 8 feet tall. The one at the US Botanic Gardens, by the … Continue Reading →

What I’ve Been Up To… July

My friend Alex sent this email to our computer help desk about a bug in his monitor. Literally a bug just died inside his monitor! The email made me laugh. Hi Sysadmins, I’ve got a real doozie for you guys today. There is a bug in my machine. Specifically in my LCD monitor somewhere between the polarizing filter and the … Continue Reading →

Paul McCartney, Nationals Park, DC

Here’s my concert report for the Paul McCartney show I caught with Conley and Janine at the Nationals Stadium in DC. We were smart and got Janine her ticket the night before the concert. We figured it might be a clusterf**k to find her before the show and when there are big crowds, cell phones don’t always work well. It … Continue Reading →


Here are some pics from my family vacation in Florida: It doesn’t get much better than this!

What I’ve been up to… June/July

Other than Florida, I’m almost caught up with pictures. Here they are. I saw this posted and had to laugh, because of Matt Wiener being so tight-lipped about Man Men plots. This is what we’re reduced to: This is the cupcake flavor of the month for June – strawberry margarita:

What I’ve been up to… June/July part 2

Time for another picture post since things are quiet right now. Here’s me and Doug’s whole immediate family in Florida. I can’t believe how big all the kids are. We had a great time this year. Picture post on that will be forthcoming. Willow. ‘Sup. The day we got back from Florida, we went to Janine’s birthday party!

Whee! I might have a story in Time Traveled Tales!

Good news! If our Kickstarter reaches $14,000, I’ve learned that one of my short stories will be in the e-book version! (It’s at almost $12,000 now.) My story is about music and time travel (and the Beatles may or may not have some involvement), so if that sounds remotely interesting to you, please check out the Kickstarter and help us … Continue Reading →

Abbey Road on the River 2013

So in May I went to Abbey Road on the River in Louisville – my 5th year going there. It was going to be a bit of a strange year because a lot of regulars weren’t going to be there. Janine was at Balticon, Rob (the drummer in our band who has been going every year) had gigs with his … Continue Reading →

What I’ve Been Up To… May and part of June

Our garden is looking pretty good:

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