Norway Day 4: Vik to Voss to Bergen

We left Vik behind just a little bit regretfully – it is such a lovely place! Here’s a view of it as we left: So green and beautiful! The drive up from Vik is super pretty – and we got this love view of Vik and Sognefjord: Then we drove up through the clouds: And the higher we got… snow! … Continue Reading →

Norway Day 4: Vik Steinkirke

After the Stavkirke in Vik, we stumbled on this pretty little Steinkirke or Stone church: Lovely view: Note the slate roof tiles:

Norway Day 4: Vangsnes to Vik Stavkirke

After we got to Vangsnes, after admiring where we’d come from, we headed south to Vik. So pretty! Vangsnes to Vik wasn’t far, not even a half hour. We easily found the Hopperstad Stave Church. We’d read that it was maybe a 20 minute walk from the harbor, but there was need to walk with a car. (And it actually … Continue Reading →

DC Museums and Monuments with Jasmin

In early August, we had an astronomy/physics student named Jasmin visit us from the UK. We have a mutual friend who asked if we could host her for the week and have her shadow us because she was very interested in outreach and was also on a paid internship that had travel money. So she came for the week and … Continue Reading →

Norway Day 4: Sogndal to Hella to Vangsnes

After our stay overnight in Sogndal, we headed first thing in the morning to Hella to catch the ferry to Vangsnes. We were headed back to Bergen via Vik and Voss. This post will mostly be about the ferry ride to Vangsnes. We drove about 40 minutes from Sogndal to Hella first. We stopped to checkout this lovely waterfall – … Continue Reading →

Norway Day 3: Kaupanger to Sogndal

We took the ferry up the Nærøyfjord from Gudvangen to Kaupanger. We got to Kaupanger around 8:45 or so, but hey, we’re up north, so it’s still light! We took a look at a nearby Stave Church while we were in town before driving on to our hotel in Sogndal. Here is the view of the fjord: Here’s Kaupanger Stave … Continue Reading →

Norway Day 3: Nærøyfjord

Nærøyfjord is an UNESCO Heritage site and well worth seeing – as the name would imply, it starts off very narrow and then opens up into Sognefjord. You can book tickets for the cruise here: We took the ferry from Gudvangen to Kaupanger. At Gudvangen, there’s also a giftshop/bathroom. There were also bathrooms on the ferry boat. And a … Continue Reading →

Lunch Emails

For your amusement, written by (who else) Alex. TCTDTT stands for The Committee That Decides These Things. They make a lot of decisions around here. —— Here is one that just got sent out: Hola! The committee that decides these things has, in its infinite wisdom, chosen Pollo Cabana in the greenway center as our spot for lunch tomorrow! I … Continue Reading →

The Beach

The other day I went to “The Beach” with some friends who were in town. It’s this cool art installation at the National Building Museum in DC. Basically it’s a giant ball pit. But everything is white. Beach umbrellas, beach chairs, and the translucent white balls in the pit. It was super weird, but cool. There was a deep end … Continue Reading →

Fourth of July

We did our usual 4th of July thing where we park in Arlington and walk down to the Potomac River and the Memorial Bridge to watch the fireworks from across the water from the Lincoln Memorial. It’s a nice spot and you don’t have to deal with security. Ed and our friend Sean joined us. Sean is a prof at … Continue Reading →

Florida – New Smyrna Beach

Here is a good parts version of the beach back in June. I do love staying at this condo. You can’t beat its proximity to the beach: Sunrise! Doug got a nice shot: We did find this sea urchin! One of our big lunches at my fav dive restaurant (which has the best seafood), JB’s Fishcamp. We sat with Doug’s … Continue Reading →

Norway Day 3: Tvindefossen to Gudvangen

The next leg of our journey took us from the waterfalls at Tvidnefossen to Gudvangen, where we were catching a 6pm ferry for a 2.5 hours tour up the Næroyfjord. It was approximately 50 min from Voss to Gudvangen and Voss is again, maybe 15 min or so outside Voss. So it wasn’t a far drive to our destination – … Continue Reading →