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What I was up to – February 2019

What happened in February? I commissioned this beautiful nouveau portrait of Willow. It’s also JWST themed! I actually caught a shiny psyduck. And a shiny taillow! And a shiny zigzagoon I thought this was really pretty. I also saved this back in Feb, and I ended up getting a coupon for their Etsy shop and they lowered the price, so … Continue Reading →

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What I was up to – January 2019

So, now that we’ve covered Christmas at length and caught up on all our fall travels, let’s move into what I was up to… back in January. Yeah, still behind. For New Years we did go to our annual Steve & Mindy hosted party, though we left substantially earlier than usual to get munchkin to bed. She did not stay … Continue Reading →

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January snow

It’s super hot out! Who wants snow? And babies eating snow? Back in January, we got some snow and took Elena out in it. As you may recall from last winter, she hated the snow and made funny faces. This year she loved it and even hugged the snow man we tried to build! Also she was wearing adorable cow … Continue Reading →

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I did a catch-up on the “what have I been up to posts” that got us up to Christmas. But the season was so busy, I thought I’d save Christmas for its own post. And then I tried to blog all the individual events between then and Christmas. So now we are actually up to Christmas. Yes, it’s currently August. … Continue Reading →

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Victorian Christmas Tea 2018

Back to costumes! We’re finally at the Christmas season! These photos are from Caroline’s Victorian Christmas tea. I love her parties! Victorian is a huge hole in my wardrobe, so I rewore my 1840s plaid gown, but that’s ok because I like this dress. (I have since bought a couple Victorian gowns on a FB buy/sell group so I’m hoping … Continue Reading →

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Thanksgiving 2018/Phipps

We went to Pittsburgh to see Doug’s family at Thanksgiving, and also to celebrate Elena’s 1st birthday again… on her actual first birthday! (She was born on Thanksgiving itself in 2017, but her first birthday was on “Black Friday.” We went to Phipps Conservatory, since we hadn’t been there in a while. They were all decorated for Christmas. These are … Continue Reading →

Elena's First Birthday

Elena’s First Birthday

Next in line is Elena’s 1st birthday party, which was in mid-November 2018! Janine helped me host it at the rental space at her apartment complex, which is lovely for parties. We had our baby shower here! I ordered this cake from Whole Foods, which was amazing. (Thank you for picking it up, Ron!) Highly recommend. They don’t do decorated … Continue Reading →

One year - fall baby pictures!

One year – fall baby pictures!

Baby post! That is from 8 months ago. When we found a baby photographer (Megan Depp), we bought a package wherein we got a newborn shoot, a 6 month shoot, and a year shoot. We did the one year shoot in early November, which is when the leaves peak here in Maryland. They were glorious! We went to the Arboretum … Continue Reading →

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Austenland Tea

Ok, I am in need of a happy post, so here we go! Stephanie’s (November) Pumpkin Tea this year was themed “Austenland,” and inspired by the movie. So costumes were encouraged to be less-than-historically-accurate, over-the-top, and the food was the same. It was super fun. Since I had no sewing time, I wore a reddish/pink Spencer that is pretty loud … Continue Reading →



Halloween! This is another baby post, basically. Halloween is an excellent occasion to dress your baby up in cute costumes, and as I had no time/interest for baby sewing, I used stuff I bought. Like this cute astronaut flight suit that was marked 12 months (and we were at 11), that was, alas, way too small. I put blue leggings … Continue Reading →

Historical Hogwarts party

Historical Hogwarts party

My friend Chelsea hosted a Historical Hogwarts themed tea this October (busy month, seriously!). Janine, Conley, and I carpooled down to Williamsburg to make a long day trip of it. Janine and Conley were Slytherin. As were most of the partygoers. The host was Hufflepuff. I was the lone Gryffindor at the party. I repurposed a white regency dress with … Continue Reading →



This is probably of limited interest, but hey. Also in October (it was a busy month), our niece Alli got married at the George Washington Hotel in Washington, PA. (Her dog is also named George Washington.) The wedding was, of course, an excuse for a baby fashion show. ;-) The first was a hand-me-down from Caitlin and the dress has … Continue Reading →