Rothenburg, Germany – Sunday

Sunday, August 13, 2006 Sunday, the 13th, we continued wandering all over town: Along the Herrngasse: Here is the Burgtor, the largest and oldest gate tower in Rothenburg, dating from the 12th century. (And a building and the wall near it!)

Rothenburg, Germany – Saturday

Saturday, August 12, 2006 August 12 it was on to Rothenburg! We started out going the wrong way, which we discovered 35 km too late. So back through Wurzburg we went. And then finally arrived after maybe an hour and a half. To get to our hotel, we had to go through two stone gates and up these tiny roads. … Continue Reading →

Würzburg, Germany – Friday

Friday, August 11, 2006 I have to say, his whole trip has felt a bit like the Amazing Race (Make your way to Nymphenburg Castle. Find the painting of Madame Du Barry and pick up your next clue!) So, Friday morning, August 11, I slept in and rested my knee, while Doug went to the conference. We checked out at … Continue Reading →

Heidelberg, Germany – Thursday

Thursday, August 10, 2006 Today I took a cab up to the Old Bridge Gate to save my knees. They bothered me quite a bit this afternoon – probably from yesterday’s exertions, but what can you do? I tried to take it easy and take breaks to rest them. I managed to see what I wanted, so that’s good!, So, … Continue Reading →

Heidelberg, Germany – Tuesday/Wednesday

Tuesday, August 8, 2006 I definitely overdid the walking yesterday – I know I did a lot, but it’s not like I’ve never walked that far before! My knees hurt on the way home, and once they stiffened last night they were pretty bad, particularly the left one. I tried to stay off them, and of course there is no … Continue Reading →

Heidelberg, Germany – Monday

Doug was going to a conference in Heidelberg, Germany, and I wasn’t going to miss out on the trip! We spent a week in Heidelberg, where I toured around by foot with my camera and a guidebook, and Doug attended his conference. At the end of the conference week, we rented a car and drove around Germany, and into Northern … Continue Reading →

Baby bird update

Our baby birds are still doing fine and are much bigger now! They are really cute – the one in front has its head resting on the edge of the nest – very cute!

Birds and Butterflies

Here are a few more photos – we have a bird’s nest in a bush in our backyard and the eggs just hatched into really ugly baby birds. Also, a blurry, but kind of cool butterfly shot. I only got one shot before it flew away, and there wasn’t time to focus!

Summer flowers…


Phipps Conservatory

Nothing real inspiring.