Since I’d been unable to go on the variety of other Williamsburg trips (IVF can really limit your travel), Gloria proposed we go this summer for a weekend. So we did in July! I wasn’t super pregnant so I was ambulatory if a little slow, and we had a really nice time. Thanks, Gloria, for doing the organizing! We first … Continue Reading →

Big Ass Hat Tea

I was invited to Jenny-Rose’s Big Ass hat tea in April and it was a lovely time. The food was fantastic, as were the costumes, and it was so nice to see so many people! Thanks for the invitation, Jenny-Rose! I rewore what is now one of my fav jackets – the yellow and white silk I got in Germany. … Continue Reading →

November Ball at Gadsbys Tavern

November also brought a ball at Gadsby’s Tavern to which I finally wore the second of two 18th century jackets I made with fabric bought years ago in Germany. I got one meter each of some pretty fabric, and I was able to very carefully turn them each into a jacket. I completed this a while ago but only now … Continue Reading →

Francaise Dinner Redux

I finally went through all the lovely photos that Beth took at the Francaise dinner in March and pulled out the couple of me I liked! The full set is available here: http://bwpw.zenfolio.com/francaise2015 And photos for purchase here: http://bwpw.zenfolio.com/francaisepurchase

Winterthur extent clothes and things!

Winterthur also had some lovely extent clothes and other embroidered pieces on display. This was a set of 18th century pockets which were *huge*. My hand is in one of the pics for scale. These are pieces that were once the border of an embroidered petticoat – I want one! This bag had slits on the side, just like a … Continue Reading →

Braddock Day Ball

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  • April 30, 2014
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I’m very slowly catching up! Here are photos from the Braddock Day Ball at Gadsbys Tavern. The date was 1755. For whatever reason, this ball didn’t sell out and it was a relatively small crowd. (Unlike the 1790s Birthnight Ball which was packed.) But that meant more room for dancing! I rewore my Princess Caroline sacque. I really should have … Continue Reading →

Francaise Dinner

I was so happy to be able to make the Francaise Dinner this year! Thank you to Judy for organizing it! Having a raffle, and stuff you could buy were nice extra touches. The food was amazing, and everyone looked so good! I rewore my striped francaise that I’d only worn once before at the Costume Con where we mostly … Continue Reading →

Birthnight Ball

Gloria, Mike, Taylor, Isabella, Glynnis, Amber and I all attended Gatsby’s 1790s Birthnight ball – a celebration of George Washington’s birthday. It was super fun and for once there were worse dancers than us! Yay! I wore my new gown based on a 1790 fashion plate, which I was able to finish thanks to a snow day. I did style … Continue Reading →

Georgian Picnic weekend, the non-picnic parts

So, as you saw, I was lucky enough to get to go to Texas for the DFWCG Georgian picnic. My dad was nice enough to use his frequent flyer miles on my ticket and was nice enough to let me stay with her, so the weekend basically just cost me the cost of airport parking. Which was very cool. The … Continue Reading →

More Georgian Picnic

Cynthia and her husband both posted their Flickr sets (Christopher’s are a selection of Cynthia’s, punched up for color). I loved every single pic! And it made me happy all over again to see them. Look at this one – it’s our group shot. And we posed in chronological order. As you do. Here are a few more pics from … Continue Reading →

Georgian Picnic

I was lucky enough to be able to attend the Dallas Forth Worth Costume Guild’s Georgian picnic. We had a gorgeous day and everyone looked wonderful. It was so fun to see new and old friends, and especially to meet Merja, who came all the way out from Finland.

Francaise Dinner Party

I had the best time last night at the Francaise dinner party Kat organized! It was held at a restaurant in PA that Robin recommended. The food was awesome, as was the company! Backing up a bit, Jess let me crash at her place, which happened to be near where Doug’s sister lives. So Doug and I drove up Saturday … Continue Reading →