What I’ve Been Up To – December, part 2

In honor of Star Wars, here is Willow in her Princess Leia hat. She was thrilled. Aw! Here’s our tree – we added Doug’s old train around the bottom: Frozen ornaments: Star Wars: Willow is so happy to have more hats! Ok, getting a little Star Wras crazy! I bought this at the mall. Sunset! Another sunset: At our holiday … Continue Reading →

What I’ve Been Up To – December, part 1

Here we go with December – I’m only a month behind now! My Christmas cactus is blooming again: More JWST mirrors: So I’m famous for disliking Subway, but I was looking for a change of pace on this day, and they had big signs advertising guacamole, so I decided to get Subway. Dave documented it. And of course, they were … Continue Reading →

What I’ve Been Up to – December, part 1

I have some downtime, so time to play blog post catch-up! Selfie time! With my new fav Starbucks drink. They came out with some new latte this year, chestnut praline. Sounds terribly trendy but I love it like whoa. Some Starbucks still have it even though the holidays are over, but I don’t know for how long. I will be … Continue Reading →

What I’ve been up to… (Christmas stuff, New Year’s, Willow, a concert, fabric)

The view from the Millard E. Tidings bridge in MD. It’s exactly an hour from home. I mentioned a while ago that people down the hall from us at work were decorating their doors for Christmas. These people did a 3D snowman out of styrofoam cups. It was really really cool.

Christmas at the Office and Shopping in DC

So in my last post where I told how we stole Alex and Joe’s full-sized office Christmas tree (and they didn’t notice for 3 hours), I mentioned (I think) that Alex replaced the tree with a large branch. We draped lights on it. Very festive. The snowflakes on our door were made like 15 years ago, back when my office … Continue Reading →

A few leftover December photos….

Backing up to Christmas yet again, here are a few pics from my Mom.

A few more Christmas/Willow pics

There were taken by my friend Craig, one of our dinner guests:

A few kitty and Christmas pictures

Willow looking comfy on my stack of tshirt quilts:

Look who got a Taun Taun sleeping bag for Christmas!

Willow was pretty indifferent to her presents though. Merry Christmas, everyone!

iPhone picture post! Willow, sunset and Rock Band

You’re a kitty! Whee! 100% The swath of piney destruction left from taking our Christmas tree down.  


After the gift opening on Christmas Eve, my parents and Doug and I played the Beatles Trivial Pursuit game I was so excited about. Predictably, I came out ahead even though there were a ton of questions I didn’t know. This is where we finally left off at midnight. The next day was cooking, cooking, cooking! Doug planned a menu … Continue Reading →