DragonCon 2010 trip report – Monday

So I hardly took any pics Monday! We woke up, and had to get back into Glee Gaga again for J-9’s Amber’s video shoot. Betsy came up and we sewed Michelle into her costume for a 3rd time, and then had to take the stairs 25 flights down because the elevators had such a long wait! We booked over to … Continue Reading →

DragonCon 2010 trip report – Sunday

Sunday morning, we woke up a little before 10. I got a text from penwiper337 that she was wearing her Don’t Blink Dr. Who costume, which I had missed at least twice now. So I threw on some jeans and ran down to the lobby to see her! Oh, and mailed some postcards:

DragonCon 2010 trip report – Saturday

Saturday morning was the parade, which, as usual, I skipped in favor of sleep. :-( The weather was really nice on Saturday, actually, so it was a good day for it. We met on 10 for another dance rehearsal and to take some pics! Here is jainamsolo as Penny from the Big Bang Theory:

DragonCon 2010 trip report – Thursday and Friday

Here’s Thursday and Friday at DragonCon! At BWI: There were a whole bunch of people clearly going to DragonCon. The guy with the equations on this shirt. The woman with the rectangular green headdress. The woman wearing steampunk goggles and carrying a steampunk mask with feathers…

Sgt Pepper

Check it out – Mike from The Return sent me pics of the costumes lordofhaladin, amaz0n-princess and I made for them last year! (Jess did most of the work. Janine bought fabric and trim, I bought all the medals, badges and made the lanyard thingies, Jess sewed the actual suits – and we all trimmed them.) I was really excited … Continue Reading →

Fort Fred

The day after the tea, we got dressed up and went to the 18th century market at Fort Fred! Late the next morning some of us headed up to Fort Fred for the 18th century market. I wore my new linen dress, one of the antique chemises, my hat from The Patriot, and the fichu from . Here we are … Continue Reading →

18th century tea

There might have been more champagne than tea…

18th century tea

Some historical costumer friends of mine got together at our friend Loren’s farm in Virginia for an 18th century tea, followed by a modern swimming party, fabric exchange, and viewing of Marie Antoinette. I know this probably sounds horrible, unless you are a costumer. It was a lovely day though, and it was so fun playing dress-up! I love this … Continue Reading →


A few pics from my LA trip.. Some views from the airplane: