Disney Princess Half (February): Day 4, Hollywood Studios

Disney Princess Half (February): Day 4, Hollywood Studios

Here’s our last day at Disney back in February! Ah, a more innocent time. On the last day of our Disney trip, we had breakfast at the Poly one last time. Then we had to say goodbye to Mickey at the resort. Then it was time to hit Hollywood Studios for our first look at Galaxy’s Edge. So. Many. People. … Continue Reading →

Disney Princess Half (February): Day 3, Epcot Festival of the Arts

Disney Princess Half (February): Day 3, Epcot Festival of the Arts

I needed some cheer this morning, let’s let’s return to blogging about something happy. Here’s Day 3 of our February Disney Princess Half Marathon trip. This was the day we spent at the Epcot Festival of the Arts, which I enjoyed a tremendous amount this year. I tried to do and see as much as I could since I felt … Continue Reading →

Disney Princess Half (February) Day 2

Disney Princess Half (February) Day 2

On our 2nd day at Disney, we got dressed in our Disney best and walked to the Polynesian for some breakfast at Captain Cooks with Conley and Michelle! Mickey waffles! Once we were in the MK, we headed for one of Elena’s favs, the carousel! No, she doesn’t like this at all! Next we tried to find my high school … Continue Reading →

Disney Princess Half (February) - Day 1

Disney Princess Half (February) – Day 1

We had planned to go to Disney in February for the Princess Half because we had friends going – even though we prefer going during Flower and Garden (April-ish). I am SO glad we went in February, because we squeaked this trip in before the world shut down. And somehow none of us got sick even though I am quite … Continue Reading →

November Disney Trip: Day 3

November Disney Trip: Day 3

Our third day at Disney had us waking up, and Elena getting her shoes and ears on! And then getting her actual clothes on! We walked to the Poly to hit Captain Cook’s for breakfast! And then we took the monorail from the Poly to the Grand Floridian to check out the gingerbread house! Elena was more into this horse: … Continue Reading →

November Disney Trip Day 2

November Disney Trip Day 2

Our second full day at Disney had Elena wanting to lounge in her stroller where she snacked on last night’s popcorn. Then it was time to get dressed and get ready to head out for the day! We had splurged on park hoppers this time, so we could hit Epcot and Food & Wine as much as possible. So Epcot … Continue Reading →

November Disney Trip

November Disney Trip Day 1

In November, right before Elena turned 2, we took a trip to Disney – just a long weekend. We wanted to catch the end of Food & Wine, and had debated picking closer to Halloween, but we thought we hadn’t seen the Christmas decorations in a while…. Then last minute I decided to crazily add on tickets to the Very … Continue Reading →

June Florida Vacay - last day, Disney!

June Florida Vacay – last day, Disney!

After a big holiday break and a lot of intensive work at home in the evenings feverishly uploading pics to Flickr (and praying they don’t go away), it’s time to try to catch up with some blogs again! At this point, I am like 7 months behind. yay. So last I posted, I was enjoying going through our lovely Florida … Continue Reading →

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Disney Princess Trip, Day 4, Magic Kingdom

Day 4 of our trip was a Magic Kingdom day. I love those chubby thighs! We walked to the Polynesian to get breakfast: As usual we got way too much food. My big girl held our hands and walked part of the line: Then I bought these: I want these but haven’t gotten them yet. We split a sweet & … Continue Reading →

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Disney Princess Trip, Day 3: Epcot

Day 3 of our Disney Princess trip had us at Epcot, and the newish Festival of the Arts. We had not been to it yet, though a friend of mine went a few weeks before we did, so I was able to get some tips from her. I really enjoyed it (food booths! Art boots!) and would definitely go back. … Continue Reading →

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Disney Princess Trip, part 2, Animal Kingdom

Our first full day at Disney was an Animal Kingdom day! Here is my pumpkin in her Minnie shirt. She wouldn’t wear these ears of course. And somehow they disappeared by the end of our trip. I was a little sad that they got lost (I have no idea how!) or stolen because I bought them for the baby we … Continue Reading →

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Disney Princess Trip, part 1 (traveling)

In late Feb, we planned a long Disney weekend to meet up with friends for the Disney Princess Half. Before we left, Elena did some sweeping up for us. This was only, what, a few months ago? ok, more than that. And she’s so much bigger now! When we got to the airport, this was the first bad sign (literally!): … Continue Reading →