DragonCon 2013

So as you might know, I wasn’t particularly looking forward to DragonCon this year, just because it felt like work. I did end up having a good time, of course, but I think it was partly because I revised my expectations. And it wasn’t all great. But it was wonderful seeing so many friends and there were a lot of … Continue Reading →

A few Star Trek buys

Mark (our redshirt) posted these great pics of the Star Trek group from DragonCon. I thought they were really fun! No, the other left!   Not the redshirt! I also wanted to note that I bought these insignia for Doug’s NuTrek costume – I like them better than the ones I bought on ebay a few years ago. Science: Star … Continue Reading →

DragonCon – Sunday!

Sunday I actually ended up waking up fairly early (I know, it’s weird). The Sheraton pool during the day. It’s really pretty! And since I was up, I thought I would throw on some clothes and try to make the 10am Doctor Who panel, which was with GWho/Torchwood propmaster Nicholas John Robatto. It was in my hotel and I was … Continue Reading →

DragonCon – Saturday!

So, for the first time since its inception, I actually went to the parade. The first year I went to DragonCon was the first time they did it. It was very hot and early and I never did it again. Mostly because we stay up late and I don’t like getting up early and missing sleep. I’m always sorry to … Continue Reading →

DragonCon – Thurs/Friday!

And, at last, DragonCon! We started out the trip with the 10th Doctor on our flight. I literally almost bumped into him and recognized the fabric first. I looked up and he looked at my t-shirt (Doctors crossing Abbey Road) and I said “Nice suit” at the same time as he said “Nice shirt”. It was very funny. And then … Continue Reading →

A few more DragonCon pics

Michelle just posted some more pics.

I think one more post and then I’ll shut up about DragonCon…

Here are the pics from my other camera! Lots of the Disney photo shoot, and renaissance DC superheros, Glee, and Don’t Blink! The view from our room at night:

DragonCon 2010 trip report – Monday

So I hardly took any pics Monday! We woke up, and had to get back into Glee Gaga again for J-9’s Amber’s video shoot. Betsy came up and we sewed Michelle into her costume for a 3rd time, and then had to take the stairs 25 flights down because the elevators had such a long wait! We booked over to … Continue Reading →

DragonCon 2010 trip report – Sunday

Sunday morning, we woke up a little before 10. I got a text from penwiper337 that she was wearing her Don’t Blink Dr. Who costume, which I had missed at least twice now. So I threw on some jeans and ran down to the lobby to see her! Oh, and mailed some postcards:

DragonCon 2010 trip report – Saturday

Saturday morning was the parade, which, as usual, I skipped in favor of sleep. :-( The weather was really nice on Saturday, actually, so it was a good day for it. We met on 10 for another dance rehearsal and to take some pics! Here is jainamsolo as Penny from the Big Bang Theory:

DragonCon 2010 trip report – Thursday and Friday

Here’s Thursday and Friday at DragonCon! At BWI: There were a whole bunch of people clearly going to DragonCon. The guy with the equations on this shirt. The woman with the rectangular green headdress. The woman wearing steampunk goggles and carrying a steampunk mask with feathers…


Here’s a long overdue public DragonCon post! If you read about DragonCon elsewhere, you can obviously skip this! But it’s a nice in-order post – the others were all pretty scattered between pics and stories about the Con. So look if you want! :-) Also, this is really really long. But at least now I’m finally really done with DragonCon … Continue Reading →