Francaise Dinner 2018

Ah yes. Francaise Dinner 2018. Also coincident with #babyplague2018. This year, the Franchise dinner was hosted by Jessica, and was back at Gadsbys Tavern in Alexandria. I had talked my friend Get into coming down and staying with us, seeing the baby, and coming to the dinner. We started off the weekend with a nice dinner out – unfortunately late … Continue Reading →

Française Dinner, March 2017

A small affair this year. But it was a date and location that were easy for me to go, so I was glad to be able to make it! We were in Annapolis this time – the room was nice, but had some weird red lighting, so my pics aren’t great. I really need to make a new Francaise gown … Continue Reading →

Francaise dinner 2016

I’m very belated posting about this, but better late than never. This March was the Francaise dinner! Stephanie, Gloria, and I hosted again, and we also again had it at Gadsby’s Tavern in Alexandria. Next year the torch will be passed to someone else, and we look forward to seeing what the next one looks like! And now, photos! Not … Continue Reading →

Francaise Dinner Redux

I finally went through all the lovely photos that Beth took at the Francaise dinner in March and pulled out the couple of me I liked! The full set is available here: And photos for purchase here:

Francaise Dinner weekend – DC

So Megan, Jess and I went into DC after brunch. We hit the National Gallery to see Marie Antoinette, Natural History to see jewelry and also the evolution/human history exhibit since Megan is studying this in grad school, and then we met up at Paul’s (omg, the best quiche I’ve ever had) with Jenny-Rose, her sister, Amanda, Robin, Alice, and … Continue Reading →

Francaise Dinner weekend – Sunday brunch

Some of us met up for Sunday brunch in Alexandria. The place was super crowded but we were able to get a table for all of us. The food was amazing – but our waiter was slow and then we had weird problems with the check. It was not clear whether tip had been added in. And after all of … Continue Reading →

More Francaise dinner

So, apparently I have more Francaise dinner pics that I was too tired to notice were further down in the album (behind some brunch photos). So here you have more Francaise dinner pics! yay! I believe this was Doug’s salmon: Our (tiny) dealer table: Megan’s photo: Gloria/Mike’s photo: Mike’s photo: Which goes with this one: Group photos by Beth: Isabella’s … Continue Reading →

Francaise Dinner

So here we have the Francaise dinner itself. There were so many logistics that weekend, but amazingly, it really couldn’t have gone better! Gloria’s friend Beth is a professional photographer and she took beautiful photos for us! Here’s the group pic we got: A very big thanks to Gen for making us these beautiful cameo chocolates, which we put on … Continue Reading →

Francaise Dinner Weekend – Friday

Francaise dinner weekend was awesome! Let’s talk about dinner on Friday! A bunch of us met up and ate at the place right next to the hotel where many of the out-of-towners stayed. It was pricy, but the food was pretty good, and we all had a really fun time! I had lobster bisque – it was ok, but kind … Continue Reading →

Francaise Dinner

I was so happy to be able to make the Francaise Dinner this year! Thank you to Judy for organizing it! Having a raffle, and stuff you could buy were nice extra touches. The food was amazing, and everyone looked so good! I rewore my striped francaise that I’d only worn once before at the Costume Con where we mostly … Continue Reading →

Francaise Dinner Party

I had the best time last night at the Francaise dinner party Kat organized! It was held at a restaurant in PA that Robin recommended. The food was awesome, as was the company! Backing up a bit, Jess let me crash at her place, which happened to be near where Doug’s sister lives. So Doug and I drove up Saturday … Continue Reading →