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What I was up to – February 2019

What happened in February? I commissioned this beautiful nouveau portrait of Willow. It’s also JWST themed! I actually caught a shiny psyduck. And a shiny taillow! And a shiny zigzagoon I thought this was really pretty. I also saved this back in Feb, and I ended up getting a coupon for their Etsy shop and they lowered the price, so … Continue Reading →

What I Was Up To – October 2018

Moving on to October, we started out the month by going to Ron’s promotion to Lt Col in the Marine Corps. Something a long time coming, but he does such good work for the Corps, and I’m so glad they recognized him for the awesome Marine he is. The ceremony was at the Marine Corps Museum: I tried to livestream … Continue Reading →

What I Was Up to – August 2018

August! We’ve gotten really good eggs from Hungry Harvest ( – this one box had almost every egg with a twin yolk. I got Harry Potter themed macarons and they were awesome. There were four flavors that each reflected a different House color. So cool and tasty! I got this Jaws themed set from Origami Owl. A friend sells … Continue Reading →

Cherry Blossom Weekend

We got the gang back together this past spring for the Cherry Blossom 10 miler. It was a nice chance to see old race friends we don’t get to see that often, and for them to meet Elena. Janine also threw Ron a surprise birthday party, which was pulled off perfectly! We started off the weekend by Conley, Doug, and … Continue Reading →

What I Was Up To – December 2017

Moving on to December! One of our co-workers, Stephanie, left for another job, so we had a goodbye lunch for her. The baby was only a week old at this point, but my sister in law was here helping out, and Doug was still home, so I got to join my friends for lunch! It was great catching up, though … Continue Reading →

What I Was Up to – October 2017

October brought more work on the baby room. Willow was still convinced that it was her new room. October also brought the promotion of one of my dearest friends. Janine is now a Lt Colonel in the USMC, which is a huge accomplishment. I am so so proud of her, and how she is using her career to better the … Continue Reading →

Katie’s Wedding

Back way up to June…. I have a bunch of trips and outings that I wanted to blog about separately. I was fortunate enough to be able to go out to Cleveland to see one of my besties, Katie, get married. Her new husband Mark is lovely, and I’m so happy for them both! Here are a few pictures. Pre-wedding … Continue Reading →

What I’ve Been Up To – December, part 2

In honor of Star Wars, here is Willow in her Princess Leia hat. She was thrilled. Aw! Here’s our tree – we added Doug’s old train around the bottom: Frozen ornaments: Star Wars: Willow is so happy to have more hats! Ok, getting a little Star Wras crazy! I bought this at the mall. Sunset! Another sunset: At our holiday … Continue Reading →

Janine’s birthday

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  • July 26, 2014
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For Janine’s 35th birthday, Ron threw her a campain-themed birthday party – because now she can run for president! And what’s more appropriate in DC? Here’s a pano with 2.5 Rons in it (left, right and almost center) They were setting up for the Folk-life festival when we went down there: Smithsonian castle: My favorite carousel horse: Me and Janine … Continue Reading →

Lesa visits!

Last week, Lesa and her family (daughter, husband and Mother in Law) took an epic road trip, ending up in DC. They came by work for a tour, which ended up working really well! They got there in time for a talk by Bill Ingalls, a famous NASA photographer. He gave a really cool slideshow. Then we were able to … Continue Reading →

Amber’s Homecoming

I finally had the chance to upload these pics Christina got from the professional photographer who was on hand when Amber came home from Afghanistan in July (I think?)! Waiting for her flight at BWI:

Goodbye Tommy!

A week or 2 ago, we had a goodbye lunch for Tommy, a postdoc moving on to another job. He’s got a charming Scottish accent and is awesome, so it’ll be too bad to not have him around at work anymore!