What I Was Up to – October 2017

October brought more work on the baby room. Willow was still convinced that it was her new room. October also brought the promotion of one of my dearest friends. Janine is now a Lt Colonel in the USMC, which is a huge accomplishment. I am so so proud of her, and how she is using her career to better the … Continue Reading →


The dahlias are attracting more butterflies and I was able to get this one to sit still for me while I snapped some pics!


Since I’m waiting for something to download, I give you – Butterfly! I couldn’t believe he sat still for me! I took these right before the big storm!

Spring flowers

Just a few! I didn’t take that many of my tulips and daffodils this year – just no time. But I got a few. The daffodils are done, and so are the tulips, but my iris is blooming. And the dahlias are starting to come up, yay!

The gladiolas bloomed…

And our new rose bush is doing well.. Lots of flower pics within!

Bird update

We have baby mourning doves! Don’t worry, I wasn’t that close – I used a zoom lens. She’s way cooler about things than that stupid robin was though. No dive bombing. The babies are growing fast though! A couple of days after this, mama was off somewhere, I got this pic of the babies:

And a few flowers…

This one is blurry, but I like it anyway – a butterfly on our mimosa:

Garden photos

I haven’t taken any pics in a while! Oh, and we neglected to take that robin’s nest down when they were done with it – and just yesterday we found another robin in it! So I think we’re in for more divebombing once the eggs hatch. Ugh! We’ve also got another nest in the bush in the front – this … Continue Reading →

More garden pics

On July 5th, our watermelons (we have 2 of them!) looked like this: Yesterday that exact watermelon looked like this: Here’s the other one: We have mourning doves making a nest in our Mimosa tree: More flowers!

Home again..

Well, we’re home from Florida – I think I only took one picture on Friday, as it was uneventful. We went kayaking again, but nothing really interesting to report. No dolphins, a few manatee (none closeby), and one cool looking jellyfish that I missed taking a picture of. The morning weather was good, so there was pool-time – but it … Continue Reading →

Garden stuff

Our peony has one bloom – I think that’s all we’re going to get from it, but it’s one more than last year!

Lovely Day

It was so pretty out today – not too hot or too cold, and sunny. We spent a lot of the afternoon gardening – putting in some vegetables we bought at a local place, and I planted the cosmo seeds I’d saved from last years plants. We also bought a small rose bush and a rhododendron – I’m not sure … Continue Reading →