What I’ve Been Up To – October, Part 3

Yep, you get a part 3! Here’s some more cat: Jasmin, my intern for the week, sent me a present! Wrapped in cupcake paper! Because we had a running cupcake joke after we traumatized her with cupcakes and a Nobel Laureate: Look at the awesome stuff she sent me! More late dahlias: Our anniversary dinner at Christophers ended with this … Continue Reading →

RHS-TV, the studio

One more of my high school TV studio – you can see the big tally board from the telethon in the background.


Someone on Facebook just posted a group pic from our high school TV station! Not sure if this was yearbook or from the RHS-TV telethon? I’m right in the middle. This is probably 10th grade? Good times!

A few new Space Camp pics via Facebook

Geoff just posted these on Facebook. It is bizarre seeing photos of myself from 20 years ago that I’ve never seen and never knew existed! Me, astronaut Byron Lichtenberg, and Mary again. Wow, I’m short. Trey, Ann and me. They were the first two people I met there – they were from the same town and knew each other already. … Continue Reading →

Moar Space Camp!

I had a crappy camera and none of my pics turned out. Probably because they were inside and low light. Fortunately two of my roommates (Ann and Heather) sent me copies of their pictures. I scanned them in. So here is my Space Camp experience. Basically, I attended “Space Academy II”, which was for 10th-12th graders. They had 3 tracks: … Continue Reading →

Another blast from the past…

A friend from Space Camp that found me on Facebook just posted this pic. This was fall of ’89 and I’m about 15 here. And Space Shuttle Commander. :-)

More marching band again!

Vince dug up this rehersal performance of “Make Our Garden Grow” from Candide, from my junior year. I’m in the middle at 1:20, with a clarinet (the short one with the untucked shirt and bangs). We’re all wearing jeans and band t-shirts and look alike otherwise. Doesn’t sound bad!

More marching band!

Looks like Vince dug up the video from our championships from my senior year! Our show was “Too Darn Hot – Tribute to Cole Porter”. It was really fun! I’m in the trumpet section somewhere. I’m the short person walking backwards in the middle of the screen around 2:16. (The second trumpet back.) There are other places I think I … Continue Reading →

This one time, at band camp – part 2

My friend Vince posted, in two parts, the little “yearbook” video that was done for our 1991-92 marching band season. This was my senior year of high school, I was marching trumpet – and our show was songs by Cole Porter. Really, this is too long to expect anyone to sit through the whole thing unless you were really bored. … Continue Reading →

This one time…at bandcamp…

My friend Vince, from high school, uploaded this (oh my God, I’m dating myself with this one) 18-year-old marching band video to youtube. This is some sort of practice run-through since we’re just wearing our band t-shirts (which I still have, fyi) and not our uniforms. Our show was music from Bernstein’s Candide. I played clarinet in this show – … Continue Reading →

more high school – now with 100% more physics team!

I’ve had so much fun the last two nights commenting back and forth with high school friends on the photos I posted on Facebook. One of them, who had blue hair in 1992, after rolling his eyes about his picture, promptly used it for his Facebook profile picture! I added a few more, but I don’t think they’d be that … Continue Reading →

high school

All this Facebook stuff (everyone at work is on it now, so we’ve been talking about it a ton lately) has made me super nostalgic for high school. It’s been amazing getting to touch base with old friends. Anyway, so I scanned a bunch of high school photos (ok, and one junior high and one college) for fun. So here … Continue Reading →