Germany/Italy/Switzerland 2006: Table of Contents

Heidelberg, Germany – Monday Heidelberg, Germany – Tuesday/Wednesday Heidelberg, Germany – Thursday Würzburg, Germany – Friday Rothenburg, Germany – Saturday Rothenburg, Germany – Sunday Nymphenburg Palace, Germany – Monday Oberammergau, Linderhof Palace, the Wieskirke, and Füssen, Germany – Tuesday Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau Castles, Germany – Wednesday Füssen to Austria to St. Moritz to Lake Como, Italy – Thursday Lake Como, … Continue Reading →

Villa Carlotta, Lake Como, Italy – Friday

After visiting Villa Balbianello and lunch, we went to see Villa Carlotta,in Tremezzo, which has a lovely lake view, but is on the oother side of the road from the lake. It has immense gardens that are vertically built into the hills, so lots of ups and downs and tiers. The villa itself is full of statues and art and … Continue Reading →

Lake Como, Italy – Friday

Today, Friday, went better than I had hoped – we met the lovely Gigliola at 9am, and she is a professional tourguide and worked with the Star Wars production when they shot here. She gave us a lovely tour of all the places they shot scenes from Star Wars, all along the way, she pointed out spots where the crew … Continue Reading →

Füssen to Austria to St. Moritz to Lake Como, Italy – Thursday

Goodbye to Füssen! Today we drove to Italy – through the mountains in Germany and Austria, through the mountains of Switzerland, and into Italy. Four countries in one day. Easy border crossings – just gestured through. We stopped for a restroom break and to take in the view in Austria – they had a beautiful view of the tallest German … Continue Reading →