A few old pics and one recent one

I dug these up, but don’t really have a working scanner right now, so I just took photos of them. So they’re not great quality. :-) This is me in college. Doug took this one, probably out at Black Moshannon, a park we used to like to go to in college.

Another old photo – Halloween

I don’t even know what year this is! ’98? Me and Carlos… He’s the one that taught me to play guitar, actually!

Blast from the past

Here’s a pic from the 1997 AAS meeting!


Someone on Facebook just posted a group pic from our high school TV station! Not sure if this was yearbook or from the RHS-TV telethon? I’m right in the middle. This is probably 10th grade? Good times!

Hubble hardware!

Remember I posted about getting to touch the handrail that Mike Massimino had to yank off the Hubble? Justin C. was kind enough to show Sara and I the Hubble hardware again, since she hadn’t seen it, and I wanted pictures! So this is the handrail. This video shows how it came off Hubble! You can see where the screw … Continue Reading →

Another blast from the past…

A friend from Space Camp that found me on Facebook just posted this pic. This was fall of ’89 and I’m about 15 here. And Space Shuttle Commander. :-)

more high school – now with 100% more physics team!

I’ve had so much fun the last two nights commenting back and forth with high school friends on the photos I posted on Facebook. One of them, who had blue hair in 1992, after rolling his eyes about his picture, promptly used it for his Facebook profile picture! I added a few more, but I don’t think they’d be that … Continue Reading →

high school

All this Facebook stuff (everyone at work is on it now, so we’ve been talking about it a ton lately) has made me super nostalgic for high school. It’s been amazing getting to touch base with old friends. Anyway, so I scanned a bunch of high school photos (ok, and one junior high and one college) for fun. So here … Continue Reading →