Norway Day 2: Bergensbanen

On the second full day of our Norway trip, we took a 3:30 train from Oslo to Bergen. The Bergensbanen is one of the most famous and beautiful train lines in the world.   It’s about 6 hours – and cheap if you buy your tickets through NSB, I don’t recommend buying them through Eurorail which is the first google link … Continue Reading →

Norway Day 2: Breakfast and Museums

I forgot to mention in the last blog, that my friend Håvard owns a Rema 1000 grocery store – he gave us a bag of Norwegian food, which was fun and also really useful for our later road trips! Monday morning we met my friend Karin at Starbucks for a late breakfast. Karin has a YouTube channel for teaching Norwegian … Continue Reading →

Norway Day 1: More Oslo

After Akershus, we headed up to the Slott, the Royal Palace. This is pronounced “schlott” because “sl” in Norwegian is a “sh” sound – you’ll also see Slottet (pronounced schlotta), which is “the castle” in Norwegian. We walked up Karl Johanes Gate where we saw Stortinget (storinga), the Norwegian Parliament. There were french pay toilets in this park – not … Continue Reading →

Norway Day 1: Akershus

Akershus is a fortress and a castle in Oslo, overlooking Oslo Fjord – it’s about 1000 years old. It’s also the name of the restaurant in Epcot Norway at Disney! You can wander around the grounds of the fortress for free (and it’s quite extensive) and you can pay to tour the inside of the castle. It’s definitely worth doing. … Continue Reading →

Norway Day 1: Oslo Opera House

The first thing we did was go see the Oslo Opera House, which is gorgeous. I’d read about this building, which is all reflect-y glass with a sloped roof where people can admire the view of Oslo fjord and Aker Brygge, or just hang out and enjoy the weather. And it was gorgeous weather so there were lots of people … Continue Reading →

Norway Day 1: Travel

Doug and I went on a trip to Norway and it was SO fun. Norway is an incredibly beautiful country and I took LOTS of pics. My first bit of advice for American travelers is to make sure you have pin numbers on all your credit cards and to preferably have a card with a chip. In the US we … Continue Reading →