What I’ve been up to… (September)

It’s been a somewhat crazy two months, but I still managed to do some fun things! Band rehearsal: we always make our drummer wear the big red ring when we play “Help!” – it’s not an exact replica, but the best I could find!

Don’t Blink

I got this pic of an angel station at Union Station in DC yesterday.


Here’s the last batch of 365 pics!


I was playing with Instagram and some old iPhone pix and I liked how these two turned out:

Spring Photos

Spring photos anyone?


I’ve been participating in the 365 Project – if you want to see my picture a day, they’re here: http://365project.org/lovelyrita_mm/365 and a handy RSS feed! http://365project.org/lovelyrita_mm/feed My outtakes (many of which I really really liked, but I could only pic one) are here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/36392891@N00/sets/72157624834445519/ ie:


The dahlias are attracting more butterflies and I was able to get this one to sit still for me while I snapped some pics!

A few misc pics

Bad Willow, sleeping on my Beatle blanket!


Since I’m waiting for something to download, I give you – Butterfly! I couldn’t believe he sat still for me! I took these right before the big storm!

Picture post June/July

Just tying up some loose ends… Here’s what I was up to! Last thing I posted was I think about the 4th of July. Here’s a pic with me in it from the fireworks on the 3rd.