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Austenland Tea

Ok, I am in need of a happy post, so here we go! Stephanie’s (November) Pumpkin Tea this year was themed “Austenland,” and inspired by the movie. So costumes were encouraged to be less-than-historically-accurate, over-the-top, and the food was the same. It was super fun. Since I had no sewing time, I wore a reddish/pink Spencer that is pretty loud … Continue Reading →

Regency Pumpkin Tea and Candlelight Soiree – November 2017

In early November, as we did not have the baby early, we were able to attend Stephanie’s pumpkin tea, and also the candlelight soiree, both of which were lovely! Fortunately, regency is super easy to fit into when nine months pregnant! This was true for more than just me, because for the Pumpkin tea, we had a record 4 of … Continue Reading →


Since I’d been unable to go on the variety of other Williamsburg trips (IVF can really limit your travel), Gloria proposed we go this summer for a weekend. So we did in July! I wasn’t super pregnant so I was ambulatory if a little slow, and we had a really nice time. Thanks, Gloria, for doing the organizing! We first … Continue Reading →

Regency Pumpkin Tea

Back in November, I had a lovely time at a friend’s Regency Pumpkin tea! Here’s a bunch of photos! Amanda: Kat: Judy had the cutest military jacket and hat: Jess: Ashlie and Carrie: The “Fabulosity Club” flag: My very expensive but extremely beloved American Duchess limited edition boots. Seriously love these! I wore this dress last year, but I didn’t … Continue Reading →

Riversdale Fancy Dress Ball

The lovely Riversdale House had a fancy dress regency ball in October, the weekend our friend Conley was in town, so we got tickets. I didn’t have time to sew anything new, but since I did have a 1790s gown that was based on a fashion plate, I called it good enough! Here’s the house: This is the fashion plate: … Continue Reading →

Jane Austen Ball

Ah, the August ball at Gadsbys. It was perhaps the hottest day of the year and despite AC, it was so so so hot. And after the ball, when going outside for air… no relief. 10pm and it was just as hot outside as in. Brutal day. We did our best to enjoy, but it was a tough one. As … Continue Reading →

Riversdale 12th Night Ball

A bunch of us went to the 12th Night Ball at Riversdale (which included supper) and it was as delightful as last year! I was going to make something new but I just wasn’t able to get enough time for it. But I realized I had a drawstring dress with a purple sari with peacocks on it, that I had … Continue Reading →

Regency Pumpkin Tea

Here are some pictures from November’s superfun Pumpkin Tea! The chocolate Pentagon was a nice touch! I made a new dress! I made a quick new one for Mom too: There was an ordered fabric free-for-all! Group shot: Regency wedgie shot for Jen! Gloria’s photo: Gloria’s photo: My partial inspiration (plaids – or at least the cross-barred ones – are … Continue Reading →

Baltimore Regency Dinner

Last month, we joined a bunch of other friends for an evening in Baltimore. A subset of our group toured Fort McHenry and went on one of the tall ships. But we just had so much going on in October and I was exhausted. So we decided just to go into the city for dinner. Our friend Conley was in … Continue Reading →

Riversdale Masked Ball

A bunch of us went to Riverdale House’s masked ball last weekend. The best part is the was able to join us since the timing with her DC vacation worked out! The ball was smaller than the 12th Night one and had light snacks rather than a full meal. It was really fun! That house is so pretty! Here are … Continue Reading →

Jane Austen Ball

So last month we went to the Jane Austen Ball at Gadsby’s Tavern! It was super fun! I wore my formerly pale pink drawstring gown, which I had dyed a darker pink. Wver since I read Tom & Lorenzo’s complaint about how women who wear a color close to their own skin tone look like they are wearing a dress … Continue Reading →

Regency Card Party

Belated reporting, but I wanted to post pics from Jenny-Rose’s lovely Regency card party! As usual the food was amazing (I need recipes!!) and the decorations lovely. All that candlelight! Treneka, a friend of Jenny-Rose’s took photos too – here’s the site with them – I borrowed a few, including this group photo: Candied almonds: Sugared walnuts: Doug – … Continue Reading →