iPhone picture post (ballet, Mt. Goddard, Willow)

Bryan’s family had some extra ballet tickets, so I was able to go along to see Sparticus. The night we went, the up and coming dancer Ivan Vasiliev was performing. He was really amazing! Oh yeah, and his dancing was really good too! Anyway, I had a lot of fun! A few pics of DC from the drive in… The … Continue Reading →

Mount Goddard

The 2000 tons of snow removed at Goddard had to go somewhere – it got dumped into a mountain behind B28. It’s really impressive! There’s a big drop from here! Being the nerds we are, we dropped a snowball and timed it. It took 2 full seconds! [ETA: And because I’m a big nerd, I calculated that the drop was … Continue Reading →

iPhone pictures (kitty, snow, friends, etc…)

Don’s birthday lunch Don’s birthday dinner/game night Doug! This pic is from the Friday before last, just before the snow started. These pics are from 1 week later, post snow.

snOMG Day 5

Last night we shoveled at 10pm or so. It’s still coming down..this is day 3.5 off from work. The back patio last night… Out the front window this morning… I’m not sure I like thos icicles on the cable line! Out on the back patio this morning…  

A few pics from yesterday…

Lotta snow! And 10-20″ due tomorrow night. o_O This was after we shoveled for the 2nd time – but before the 3rd time. We did get the cars moved over a bit and detached from all this snow. You can see the ripple at left showing where the curb normally is. Looking the other way down the street – again … Continue Reading →

snOMG day 3

We escaped to the supemarket today. It was hard to get out of the driveway because the neighbor across the street hadn’t shoveled yet, and the snow projects so far intonje street that it’s now one-lane. As soon as we manouvered out, a car turned onto the street forcing us to back back into our driveway. We made it out … Continue Reading →

SnOMG, Snowpocalypse 2010

We shoveled last night at 9pm, but it was like we hadn’t done anything today. Doug shoveled some early and then we did the whole driveway and cleared both cars at 11:30 or so. I measured 25″ then, but it’s been steadily snowing since then, so maybe another few inches.

iphone picture post, part 4

Doug and I went to see ABT do Romeo & Juliet at the Kennedy Centre at the end of January. It was awesome and somehow Row G ended up being front row! The pit orchestra was right in front of us! It was really awesome, and Juliet Kent was amazing! Here are some costumes from R&J that were on display … Continue Reading →


Looks like we got 15-18 inches. I measured in a few different places. Still, that’s a lot for here! Also, I woke up with sore arms and wondered if I overdid Beatles Rock Band, and then I remembered all the shoveling. Which, as we learned from Youtube, Chewie hates. Willow didn’t seem to like the snow much and seemed distressed … Continue Reading →