What I’ve Been Up to – March

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  • April 9, 2014
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So some more pics of what I’ve been up to! I’ve been a total slacker and have not yet posted pictures though everyone else has – but I was lucky enough to go visit my Texas friends for ‘s early birthday party. It was so great seeing everyone, and special thanks to and for hosting me and ferrying me to … Continue Reading →

Southern California – SeaWorld, part 2

The sea lions and seals were SUCH beggars! This guy’s strategy was to just bellow at the top of his voice for fish.

Florida, post 10

So, to taking advantage of our park hoppers, we headed off to the Animal Kingdom, where it promptly started raining. It never got too bad though, so we stuck it out, enjoying seeing all the different animals. Black Swan!

Florida, post 9

After our day at Epcot, we stayed in the Galleria Palms hotel, which is nearby Disney and is where we stayed for Disney Princess half last February. We had an uneventful night and in the morning, we brought our stuff out to the car and saw this from the parking lot:

Florida, part 8

Ok, back to Epcot! Let’s head to England!

Florida, Part 7

More Epcot! Mission Space:

Florida, part 6

Doug and I spent our first day at Disney at Epcot. We had one day left on my parkhopper pass from the Princess half. So we decided we’d get one-park passes for the first day and then use my parkhopper and buy Doug one for the second. So here is Epcot!

Florida, part 3

Back to posting about my June Florida trip. As you may recall, we arrived late to the beach because Doug had a work obligation that made us reschedule our vacation a bit. We found out when we got there, that there had been a shark sighting at the beach! Our family said a five foot shark was swimming around between … Continue Reading →

Florida, part 2

Here’s another sunrise I caught:

Florida, part 1

So, I never got around to posting pics from my June Florida trip. Doug and I flew out at the same time as our friend Koji. He wasn’t going the same place, but our flights left at the same time from the same terminal, so we met there for dinner.

A couple of vids from Abbey Road on the River

Here is Billy Fisher from Revolver doing Ringo’s “Sweet Sixteen” – Billy filled in for them when their original drummer got sick before the festival. I don’t think Billy sings much, but I think he sounds great! And also, they apparently just learned the song.

Abbey Road on the River 2011

I had such a great time this year – not only did Michelle get to come for the first time, but Janine surprised us by showing up on Saturday! In addition to my friend Rob, Michelle, Katie and J-9/Ron, two of Katie’s friends, Cara and Alex came along. They were really fun girls, and we all had a great time! … Continue Reading →